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Skrapi Koko: The next big thing in Cebu Cable Wakeboarding

“I am Koko, my skin is brown, my hair is long and I love to be on the water”KoKo

The awesomeness of this young man definitely does not end on his skin color nor the length of his hair. You gotta see him shred.

Meet Skapi Koko, the next big thing in Cable Wakeboarding in Cebu. No newbie to the professional sports competition scene, Koko is a water sport champion hailing from Liloan, Cebu and has traveled around the Philippines competing in skim boarding events, it is no wonder that wakeboarding is like second nature to this young man. If there’s anybody in this world who was born with wakeboarding embedded in his nature, this could very well be that guy.

Self-professed water boy, Koko will leave you in awe and on the edge of your seat when he does his thing on the board.  Pure awesomeness. It’s either go big or do not go at all for this young man and it shows when he is on the water. A dare devil in board shorts. Yep. Do not be fooled by his next door neighbor smile, he is one mean shredding machine and is undeniably one of the rising athletes in the wakeboarding world to look out for.

Sponsored by The Board Shop Southeast Asia and  Humanoid Wakeboards, Koko just completed his Southeast Asian Wakeboarding Tour and this Cebu Wake Park homeboy is reaping accolades from professional wakeboarders and fans alike.

This just shows that Cebu is capable of nurturing world class athletes. It only requires mad passion and love of sports plus of course a lot of encouragement and support from our local communities.

If you want to see Koko in action, visit Cebu Wake Park soon and he will be more than happy to show you his amazing moves. Seriously. You just gotta.

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