Cable Wake Wonder Raph Trinidad

“If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.”

― Haruki Murakami

Meet cable wake wonder Raph Trinidad, young, talented and this kid definitely has an awesome pair of wings!

This 13-year-old wakeboarder from Liloan, Cebu floats and flips and soars effortlessly when he is on the board.

CSV Wakeparks athlete Raphael Trinidad or Raphy as he is more popularly known is a pure sports junkie. He also loves soccer, quite good at it as a matter of fact and has just started wakeboarding about a year ago. However, it seems like this kid was born to ride the wake.

Mad skills. That’s what this boy has and what’s so admirable about him is that he doesn’t stop honing and developing his skills even when he is already very good at it.

Because of his passion in this line of sport, Raph has already gained the respect and interest of many enthusiasts and professionals, he is now sponsored by TBS Southeast Asia and OBrien Wakeboards and is rubbing elbows and riding with some of the best wake boarders here in Cebu and abroad and just to name a few, he hangs out and rides with JB ONeill, Carro Djupsjö and Paolo Rondain at Cebu Wake Park and recently in a South East Asian Tour. How awesome is this kid?!

Why are we featuring him? Simply because the world needs to see more of this kid in action and Cebu should be very proud of this wakeboarding child prodigy.

Also because we need more youth role models in our community like Raph. We need more kids involved in sports. It keeps them off the streets and away from the lures of drugs and not so ideal crowd.

Raph is definitely one of the athletes to look out for in the sports scene and hopefully, as soon as it is added as one of the events, we want to see this young man in the Olympics.

JB and Raph from Marvin Fajardo on Vimeo.