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5 Awesome Things to do in Cebu for Adrenaline Junkies

Cebu, without a doubt has become a central hub for sports and adrenaline junkies. The province offers so many activities and things to do in Cebu that it is nearly impossible for one to get bored. From the slightly easy breezy nature hike to Osmena Peak for the laid back ones, to the extreme skydiving experience at Mactan for the hard-core ones, you just need to know how far your guts can take you and go for it.

So you can take your mind off from looking for adventures and things to do in Cebu, here are a few that you can add to your bucket list for 2015.

Skywalk Extreme

Crown Regency’s Skywalk Extreme

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cable wakeboarding

Skrapi Koko: The next big thing in Cebu Cable Wakeboarding

“I am Koko, my skin is brown, my hair is long and I love to be on the water”KoKo

The awesomeness of this young man definitely does not end on his skin color nor the length of his hair. You gotta see him shred.

Meet Skapi Koko, the next big thing in Cable Wakeboarding in Cebu. No newbie to the professional sports competition scene, Koko is a water sport champion hailing from Liloan, Cebu and has traveled around the Philippines competing in skim boarding events, it is no wonder that wakeboarding is like second nature to this young man. If there’s anybody in this world who was born with wakeboarding embedded in his nature, this could very well be that guy.

Self-professed water boy, Koko will leave you in awe and on the edge of your seat when he does his thing on the board.  Pure awesomeness. It’s either go big or do not go at all for this young man and it shows when he is on the water. A dare devil in board shorts. Yep. Do not be fooled by his next door neighbor smile, he is one mean shredding machine and is undeniably one of the rising athletes in the wakeboarding world to look out for.

Sponsored by The Board Shop Southeast Asia and  Humanoid Wakeboards, Koko just completed his Southeast Asian Wakeboarding Tour and this Cebu Wake Park homeboy is reaping accolades from professional wakeboarders and fans alike.

This just shows that Cebu is capable of nurturing world class athletes. It only requires mad passion and love of sports plus of course a lot of encouragement and support from our local communities.

If you want to see Koko in action, visit Cebu Wake Park soon and he will be more than happy to show you his amazing moves. Seriously. You just gotta.

Cebu Wake Camp

Southeast Asian Tour: JB ONeill and Carro Djupsjö

JB ONeill and Carro Djupsjö both came to the Queen City of the South as part of their Southeast Asian Tour to coach all the Cebuano wakeboard enthusiats who attended the Cebu Wake Camp held at Cebu Wake Park last Nov 7-10.

Cebuanos gathered and witness America’s, JB ONeill and Sweden’s Carro Djupsjö, who recently won the E&A Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships 2014 just this October, showing their skills and riding with our very own local talents, Humanoid Wake South Asia rider,  Skrapi Koko and Obrien Wake philippines wakeboy wonder Raph Trinidad who had been touring along side JB from Singapore to Indonesia. Our lucky guests had a chance to be taught by these pro-riders their best practices and shared their tips and tricks when it came to wakeboarding.

Slowly but surely Cebu is getting on the map as a place to visit for wakeboarders and wakeskaters all over the globe and its high time that we get our very own full size cable park. Cebu Wake Park being the nearest wake cable park in the Cebu city vicinity, conveniently located inside Papa Kit’s in Liloan, and just 30 minutes away from downtown, is very accessible and has a lot of potential. Public transportation is easy and it is only 13.3 km from Mactan Airport via Cebu – North Coastal Rd. 

Aside from the Cebu Wake Camp, we recently hosted Ride for a Cause, a charity drive to reached out to less fortunate kids from the Bylling foundation and introduce wakeboarding to those street children.  In the future were hoping to host more events similar to these, and possibly even hold competitions both locally and regionally to encourage everyone to try out this amazing sport.

We are all ecstatic to find out who’s going to be our next international visitor! Stay tuned to find out the latest updates.

Cebu Wake Park

Wake for Kids: Cebu Wake Park Shares the Stoke

Cebu Wake Park will work hand in hand with Bylling Foundation to make several homeless children smile this October.

Bylling Foundation is a new fund raising drive that aims to provide food and shelter to the street children of Cebu. The founders, Camilla Bylling and Lasse Brock Bennedsen came up with this noble project after seeing that many, if not all of the street children who are getting help from various organizations have to leave these centers at night once the offices close. This leaves the kids with no other choice but to go back into the streets thereby exposing them to the dangers of sexual exploitations, drugs, abuse and violence.

Camilla and Lasse both aim to be able to provide these underprivileged kids a place where they can feel safe and get a good night’s sleep, without being afraid of being raped or assaulted. Currently, they have already taken in several children under the care of the Bylling Foundation.

Wake for Kids in October

On October 15th, 2014, 8am-10am, Cebu Wake Park will be a venue for the kids of Bylling Foundation to have a fun and exciting day.

Cebu Wake Park has been blessed with many loyal and awesome customers since they opened, so as a way of giving back to the community, they will be opening their doors to the kids of Bylling Foundation for a fun and exciting day of wakeboarding, free of charge.

You can bet that this is going to be one experience that the kids of Bylling Foundation will never forget. They will get to wake for free, have good food and a whole lot of fun. These kids have gone through so much that they truly deserve a break from the daily grind and what better way for them to unwind and relax than a day at the world class Wake Park of Cebu.

You too can help! By donating to the Bylling foundation, you will help keep a kid off the streets, away from the danger of abuse and drugs. 100% of the donations will go straight to the children’s needs like food, clothing and a roof over their heads. Like what they say, it takes a village to raise a child.

You can find the details on how you can help over here.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Our coaches and resident rider Raph Trinidad are all looking forward to share the wakeboarding experience


Cebu Wake Park Website Launched

In an effort to reach out to our local customers and introduce wakeboarding and wake skating to fellow Cebuanos, Cebu Wake Park Crew is officially launching our website.

Aside from the basic information about the park and its crew, the website will also have the current rates of our riding passes as well as details of any ongoing promotions. Special events and updates will be posted though our blog. And since we want to help you plan out your visit and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve created a special page where you can check the weather and tide forecast before actually going to the park.

We would also like to welcome those who want to submit videos and photos of them riding to post in our multimedia gallery. This is a dedicated page for anyone who wants to share their wakeboarding experience.

For those who want to inquire about special bookings and for any other inquiries, you may reach us through our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.