On Whirlpools and Wakeboarding in Liloan.

Have you tried wakeboarding in Liloan?

Do you know where Liloan is? What whirlpools are we talking about here and why should one go to Liloan for wakeboarding? Let’s talk about these things one by one.

What exactly is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a relatively new water sport here in Cebu where the combinations of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding techniques are employed. Usually towed by a motorboat or a machine, the riders glide over a surface of water using a wakeboard. That’s the technical description of the term but if you will ask any passionate shredder what wakeboarding is, they will simply tell you that it is a way of life.

So, what is this whirlpool that we are talking about? The whirlpools my friends, are formed at the mouth of the majestic water heaven called Silot Bay right in the heart of Liloan. A body of water that is shrouded with mysterious folklores about love and death.

Liloan, a coastal municipality in the northern part of Cebu was called as such because of the whirlpools or “lilo” created by the Silot Bay’s water movements.

But what’s the connection between Wakeboarding and Liloan?

Well, Silot Bay in Liloan is home to the world class wakeboarding facility known as Cebu Wake Park. This is where a mean Sesitec System 2.0 wakeboarding machine meets the grandeur of nature. The best wakeboarding facility there is in the area.

The only place in Cebu where your backdrop as you soar and fly above the waters is one of Cebu’s most enchanting sceneries. Imagine shredding where Mangroves surround you, where Herons and Egrets fly overhead and the entire bay area being embraced by blue skies which turns into fiery orange at dusk. A one with nature adrenaline kind of rush that you won’t get to experience other than at Cebu Wake

So, going back to the question. Have you tried wakeboarding in Liloan?

Wakeboarding in Cebu

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Wakeboarding in Cebu Wake Park

Wakeboarding in Cebu has never been this popular!

Now that the Queen City of the South boasts a world class wakeboarding facility, people are getting into the grove of this new craze. People are flocking up north to check what the buzz is all about and to try this awesome water sport.
Now, if you are one of the few who are still undecided about riding the wake, here are the top 5 reasons why you should try wakeboarding in Cebu Wake Park.

1. Easy Access.

You don’t need to search high and low to find a world class wakeboarding facility. Cebu Wake park is located in Lilo-an, a mere 30 minute ride from the city. No need for GPS or maps, and no fear of getting lost.
If you have your own wheels, just head up north to Poblacion, Lilo-an and trust me, you will not miss the place on the right side of the road just before the Lilo-an Municipal hall.
For commuters, you can get take jeepney ride from SM to Cebu Wake Park for less than 20 bucks. You can also take the bus from the North Terminal.

Insider tip: If you want to fully experience the north, try the other activities in Papakits Marina and Fishing Lagoon. Stop by and try the tasty native delicacies sold on the street side of Lilo-an as well!

2. Noob? No worries!

Even if you have not tried wakeboarding before, Cebu Wake Park offers a complete level of wakeboarding activities with expert coaches who are more than willing to assist you. All coaches are highly trained, with keen eyes to make sure you are riding safely but with a burning passion for fun to ensure that you will enjoy your every second on the board.

Your first time will be and should be a blast.

3. It’s fun without breaking the bank.

It’s adrenaline rush on a budget. Wakeboarding in Cebu Wake Park is easy on the pocket. With 5 different rates to choose from, you are guaranteed a fun wakeboarding experience that’s within your budget.
Cebu Wake Park also offers special promos if you bring your own board. There’s also the popular Ladies Wednesday where the lasses can buy 3 tickets for the price of 2. Unlimited riding packages are also available at reasonable prices.

So get your gears on people!

4. It’s wakeboarding with a heart.

Cebu Wake Park gives back to the community by sharing to the less fortunate. Just this October, Cebu Wake Park shares with the Bylling Foundation, a new fund raising drive, the joy of this awesome sport and gave smiles to a number of homeless children of Cebu by giving them a day of free, guided and fun wakeboarding day. We are an extension of your family, and family helps one another.

By wakeboarding in Cebu Wake Park, you are helping us continue and strive to help other people.

5. Wakeboarding in Cebu Wake Park is freakin’ fun. Period.

Aside from the workout you get, it’s just extremely fun. This is the reason why so many are getting into wakeboarding and a lot of our loyal customers are already at the stage of honing their skills and are becoming experts in this line of sport.

We are hoping that someday, we can offer the world a champion, trained and coached at Cebu Wake Park.
Who knows, that could be you.

Now get up here and tick wakeboarding off your bucket list!

Cebu Wake Park

Wake for Kids: Cebu Wake Park Shares the Stoke

Cebu Wake Park will work hand in hand with Bylling Foundation to make several homeless children smile this October.

Bylling Foundation is a new fund raising drive that aims to provide food and shelter to the street children of Cebu. The founders, Camilla Bylling and Lasse Brock Bennedsen came up with this noble project after seeing that many, if not all of the street children who are getting help from various organizations have to leave these centers at night once the offices close. This leaves the kids with no other choice but to go back into the streets thereby exposing them to the dangers of sexual exploitations, drugs, abuse and violence.

Camilla and Lasse both aim to be able to provide these underprivileged kids a place where they can feel safe and get a good night’s sleep, without being afraid of being raped or assaulted. Currently, they have already taken in several children under the care of the Bylling Foundation.

Wake for Kids in October

On October 15th, 2014, 8am-10am, Cebu Wake Park will be a venue for the kids of Bylling Foundation to have a fun and exciting day.

Cebu Wake Park has been blessed with many loyal and awesome customers since they opened, so as a way of giving back to the community, they will be opening their doors to the kids of Bylling Foundation for a fun and exciting day of wakeboarding, free of charge.

You can bet that this is going to be one experience that the kids of Bylling Foundation will never forget. They will get to wake for free, have good food and a whole lot of fun. These kids have gone through so much that they truly deserve a break from the daily grind and what better way for them to unwind and relax than a day at the world class Wake Park of Cebu.

You too can help! By donating to the Bylling foundation, you will help keep a kid off the streets, away from the danger of abuse and drugs. 100% of the donations will go straight to the children’s needs like food, clothing and a roof over their heads. Like what they say, it takes a village to raise a child.

You can find the details on how you can help over here.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Our coaches and resident rider Raph Trinidad are all looking forward to share the wakeboarding experience